Walking and cycling trails

Walking and cycling trails

Both Krzeszów and the Kamienna Góra community are perfect place for hiking and cycling recreation.

Presented suggestions are only a fraction of all trails, paths and tracks. There are many opportunities to spend your leisure time or holidays active ways using paths for walking or bike tracks and to learn abot history of this region.  Meet the charming surroundings with numerous monuments of nature and not only.

Historical, well-preserved Krzeszowska Calvary consists of 16 chapels and 33 Stations of the Cross and is 5 kilometres long. In contrary to other stations always located on hills and mountains, this one is placed among fields and forests. Moreover, the distance between the objects keep the real distance from Jerusalem.

If you want to admire landscape of Krzeszów and surrounding hills, we recommend you to wander to St. Ann’s Mountain. On the top, 593 above sea level, there is the Baroque Church restored in the second half of the 20th century. The view of Krzeszów and surrounding hills from here is stunning.

We recommend special bike track on the former railway line number 330 from Kamienna Góra to Krzeszów. The explorers are encouraged to visit church’s complex in Krzeszówek which was the birthplace of Cistercian Abbey. Picturesque Boulds of Dwarfs (pol. Głazy Krasoludków) are perfect destination for people who prefer walking. Kotlina Krzeszowska is an ideal place for sport, recreation or long walks. This is the best place for taking mysterious and tremendous pictures, for mushroom pickers, or everyone who values pure nature and fresh air. You can buy maps and receive more information in the Tourist Information Center.


Kalwaria Krzeszowska

Calvary of Krzeszów, Fot. Piotr Jadczyk

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